#MysteryWeek: Cat Clue #7

Here it is, my last cat clue on the final day of #MysteryWeek. Also it’s your last chance to win $25 Amazon money. Ask me a question at Goodreads (be sure to include your email address) and you’ll be entered in a drawing for an Amazon Gift Card. But hurry, the contest ends at midnight Hawaii time, yes I want everyone in the US to have a chance!

Paying off a judge, to ensure a desired outcome: “Why you two-timing cheater.” Abigail’s eyes honed in on her rival. “I know you’re bribing those judges. No one cat could win every competition without help.”

“There’s no payoff involved,” Vargas scoffed. “Peyton just processes superior bloodlines, that’s all.”

Superior bloodlines my ass!” Abigail spit out. “You’re cheating and I’m going to find a way to prove it.”

Was the vow to expose the cheat behind Abigail’s murder?


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