#MysteryWeek: First Cat Clue

Welcome to Goodreads #MysteryWeek. For the next seven days I’ll be posting clues about the book I’m writing right now called Murder Most Yowl: Chaos at the Cat Show. In it a cat entrepreneur shows off his wares, aka Tuna/Salmon cat treats, at a local cat show when the town gossip is murdered. Will he be able to find her killer?

Put on your detective hat and look for the following as you walk through a crowded auditorium full of kids, adults, judges and competing felines as we search for the blue ribbon prize along with trying to solve a murder.

Also don’t forget to ask me a question at Goodreads for a chance at a $25 Amazon gift card.


A yawning yowl: When the prizes were handed out the cat who yawned in the judge’s face won the blue ribbon. Why? Peyton hardly seemed as animated or engaging as some of the other felines under consideration, so why did he end up in first place?

Boredom at a cat show? Perhaps, at least until the body is discovered.



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