#MysteryWeek: Five Sentence Mystery

Welcome to Goodread’s #MysteryWeek. I’m kicking things off with a Five Sentence Mystery featuring the characters from my cat-themed mystery: Murder Most Yowl. Check out my profile page. If you ask me a question you have a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

Now sit back and enjoy: The Purrrfect Crime?


Marion Steinbeck, one of Sunrise Cove’s most wealthy of citizens lay dead on the floor of her study, next to the raging fire.

Her husband, Adam, claimed robbery, his story backed up a blown open safe, now conspicuously empty, a valuable bracelet missing.

Sheriff Jake O’Neill thought he might believe Adam’s story, but I knew better.

My cat, Edgar had a bad habit of snatching shiny things, and now he sat at my feet with the missing bracelet hanging from his mouth, crimson blood staining the gold chain.

While Jake introduced Adam to his jail, my cat Edgar became a hero, which just goes to show, there’s no such thing as a purrrfect crime.


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