“Murder Most Yowl” New Snippet #3

Hey everybody.

My apologies to everyone for the long, long gap in between my snippets. I’ve been moving from one state to another and dealing with selling, then buying a home, moving everything you own along with your family plus a cranky cat has been more than I could handle at times. Anyway, I’m down to one escrow now and find I can once again indulge in one of my favorite activities, Rainbow Snippets.

Again I’m revisiting my novel Murder Most Yowl. I’ve started on the sequel and hope you enjoy visiting with my first encounter with cat sitter Cameron, his sheriff nemesis/boyfriend Jake and his family.

This snippet immediately picks up from my last offering where Cam must face the ultimate challenge, talking with his sister on the phone.


“Stow the crap, Cam. I know you’ve been ducking my calls.” 

“Ducking your calls? Me? You wound me, Janice. You really do.”

“I’d like to wound you, with pitchforks and torches.”

I could picture it, her chasing me down the street, swiping the prongs against my rear end. The image made me wince. “You don’t need a pitchfork. Your diabolical plan will be painful enough.”

“A blind date isn’t diabolical.”

“Isn’t it?”




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