“Murder Most Yowl” New Snippet #2

Hi everyone.

Once again it’s Rainbow Snippets time.

Here’s another snippet from Murder Most Yowl. In this scene Cameron is still waiting for the sheriff to come by.



The sun beat down on my head. I shifted the chair a scooch to the left, positioning it underneath the shade of a bottlebrush tree. The trunk took the worst of the heat, the light filtering through the branches, sending leaf-shaped shadows dancing across the tabletop. Even though I was in Oregon, the atmosphere around the patio had a southern flair, at least for the moment. I wished I had a mint julep.

The skin under my watchband started to sweat. I took off the timepiece and put it on the table, right next to my phone.

As I moved my hand away, the smartphone came to life, showing me a screenshot of my sister with a grin on her face. I didn’t think she was smiling in real life. Afraid to stall any more, I swiped my thumb over her chin, and greeted her with my happiest tone.

“Janice, dear, it’s so wonderful to hear from you.”