“Murder Most Yowl” New Snippet #1

Hey everybody.

Once again it’s Rainbow Snippets time.

Sorry I’ve been away for so long, but between work and the holidays there practically no time to sleep, much less do anything fun like post and read snippets.

So I decided to start up again by revisiting my novel Murder Most Yowl. I’ve started on the sequel and hope you enjoy visiting with my first encounter with cat sitter Cameron and his sheriff nemesis/boyfriend Jake.

Before this scene Cam had only met Jake once, next to the dead body of one of Cameron’s friends. They clashed immediately and left more as adversaries rather than friends.

Now Cam’s found a clue that might or might not be important to the investigation. There was no choice but to do the right thing and inform the authorities.



The sheriff had been so pleased to hear from me, it had taken twenty minutes for my ear to stop ringing. I think he said he’d be dropping by, but it was hard to tell though all the cursing.

I’d annoyed him somehow.

Not wanting to irritate him further, I went outside to wait. I sat in one of Ms. Welch’s brown patio chairs, a wrought iron table in easy reach. As soon as my butt hit the material, the cushion molded around the curves of my bottom, making for the perfect seat. Memory foam. I needed to shop in better stores. This chair was more comfortable than my favorite recliner.