“Love on the Tarmac” Snippet #8


Hi everyone.

Happy Rainbow Snippets time.

Again another little scene from Love on the Tarmac, which was published by Dreamspinner Press in their Bare Studs anthology last year. Here are the further adventures of a man who works for a small airline. I pick up directly from the last snippet. Apologies for the cursing.

I shouldn’t have said that. As the words left my mouth the belt broke, flinging suitcases and cargo in all directions. One piece of rubber whipped down, tangling in the rollers underneath. Puffs of black smoke billowed up from the motor as it tried to move the jammed rollers. I lunged for the off switch.

Once I got it powered down I checked out the damage. Two rollers were knocked off their tracks, and broken gears and pieces of metal scattered everywhere. A little duct tape couldn’t fix this.

“God, damn it.”


6 thoughts on ““Love on the Tarmac” Snippet #8

  1. I went and bought the anthology after last week’s excerpt. I haven’t found time to read it yet, but now I know what I’m going to do after I finish up reading the rest of this week’s snippets! This looks like a fun story. 🙂


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