“Love on the Tarmac” Snippet #7

Hi everyone.

It’s Rainbow Snippets time.

Again another snippet from Love on the Tarmac, which was published by Dreamspinner Press in their Bare Studs anthology last year. Here are the further adventures of a man who works for a small airline. Enjoy.



I sucked in air, good and deep, then let it out again. I heard it was good to breathe through stress, and I had plenty with First Officer Pratt around. I should have known he wouldn’t leave us alone to work in peace. I made my smile bright.

Yes, First Officer?”

“We’ve got to be wheels up in twenty. If we take off even a minute late, I’m going to bill your ass for the fuel surcharge.”

“We’re doing our best, First Officer Pratt,” God, I sounded like a polite sap, “but this conveyor belt only has two speeds, slow or off. We’re on schedule, and as long as it holds out, we’ll be loaded in time.”


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