“Love on the Tarmac” Snippet #5

Hi Everyone.

Once again it’s Rainbow Snippets time.

Sorry I missed the last couple of weeks, but real life kept dragging me down. Today I’ll pick up directly from my last offering from Love on the Tarmac, which was published by Dreamspinner Press in their Bare Studs anthology last year. Here are the further adventures of a man who works for a small airline.


Instead I shoved my hands in my pants pockets and whistled as I walked to his Bombardier. In contrast to my slow steps, his foot tapping increased in tempo while the hue of his face turned from pink, to fuchsia to red. I ignored the rat-a-tat-tat sound from the shoe leather and nodded as I passed him.

Just being polite.

I suppose his smoldering eyes tracked me as I went to the back of the plane, but I didn’t turn around to see if he followed. I was just doing my job. He didn’t bother me at all.


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