“Love on the Tarmac” Snippet #3

Happy Saturday.

Once again it’s Rainbow Snippets time.

Today’s offering is also from Love on the Tarmac, which was published by Dreamspinner Press in their Bare Studs anthology last year. Here are the further adventures of a man who works for a small airline. This snippet picks up immediately from last week.

First Officer Pratt shouldn’t have been hassling me already. His flight to Salem Oregon wouldn’t take off for another thirty minutes. I had plenty of time to move over from 229 to help load. In fact the tug, with three luggage carts trailing behind, just pulled up by the hold of Pratt’s Bombardier. It parked next to a portable conveyor belt already in position to move luggage and cargo inside the hull.

 “Hurry it up.” The impatient tap of the first officer’s shoe beat out a random melody on the pavement. I wasn’t late, but facts didn’t stop the complaints. “You’re just wasting time. If you mess up my schedule there will be hell to pay.”



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