“Love on the Tarmac” Snippet #1

Hey everybody.

Once again it’s Rainbow Snippets time.

Sorry I skipped last week. Real life got in the way. I’m making it up to you by sharing something new, a snippet from a totally different story called Love on the Tarmac, which was published by Dreamspinner Press in their Bare Studs anthology last year.

This is a story about how a guy who works on the ramp of a small airline falls in love. Here’s how it starts:

 A wicked wind slapped against my face as the prop wash blew across the tarmac. A roar of two PW100 turbocharged engines accompanied the breeze. The noise pounded in my head, but my acoustic earmuffs cut the sound to a manageable level. With a plastic wand in each hand, I moved my arms in and out, all while walking backward. My way of enticing the 34,000 pound Bombardier Q400 to creep closer. Once the front wheels of the plane rolled over the X on the blacktop, I crossed my arms over my head to tell the pilot to stop, then moved one wand across my throat. He cut the engines, and the furious spin of the propeller blades started to slow.


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