The Game of Life: Choose Your Spouse

So I’ve been playing electronic versions of The Game of Life since my PS1 days when it came on a disk. Since then I’ve bought a new version of the game to go with every new console/computer/PDA/tablet/smart phone I’ve owned.

And while the game is basically the same, each version is a little different. In one, the car would travel through the decades as it drove around the board with music and vehicle styles progressing from the 50s to the 90s during the journey. Another rendition let you buy stocks and pay off your loans, while another let you sue your neighbor. The latter arrived in a more recent incarceration.

But one aspect of the game remained the same, no matter what edition you played. When you got to the chapel, your spouse appeared automatically. If you were playing with a blue peg (aka a man) a pink peg came out of the church. If you had chosen a pink peg, you could depend on a blue companion to join you in your car.

So when I saw a 2016 version of the game available, I expected no different. I dithered about buying it. The last variation was still on my phone and it worked perfectly fine. But the new game promised better graphics and new features, so I figured what the heck. I could spare the $2.99.

So, I clicked download and started playing. Yes the graphics were pretty and my player rode a motorcycle instead of the traditional car, but when I got to the animated church, my jaw dropped.

It asked me to CHOOSE MY SPOUSE! That’s right, players are now allowed to choose a blue or pink peg to marry, even if the color matches their own! Gay or straight, now all are welcome inside the game.

As I traveled across the board I thought about how far we’ve come. Sure, the country is a mess in certain ways, but if two pegs of the same color can travel through the game of life together, then there’s hope out there for us all.



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