“Murder Most Yowl” Snippet #8

Hey everybody.

It’s Rainbow Snippets time.

Today’s snippet is from my novel Murder Most Yowl which is now available.

This scene follows shortly after my last post. Cam has found the courage to wake up and now much face communications on his phone.


I had two messages. The first one made me want to flush the cell down the toilet. I didn’t. No point in throwing away a four-hundred-dollar phone. My sister could still track me down, no matter how much I wanted to hide.

Since our mother died, Janice had made it her mission to look out for me. She was there for me the night Dad cut me out of his life and every day since. 

I hadn’t been fair, hitting Dad with two surprises at once. First that I was gay, and second that I had quit my job. Six generations of Sherwood men had served in the United States Military, and I was the seventh. I kept a low profile during four years in the Navy and the decade that followed at NCIS. I hated myself every second while I kept the family tradition alive. After one disastrous night I’d had enough.

Dad walked out on me that night. We hadn’t spoken since.


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