“Murder Most Yowl” Snippet #7

Hey everybody.

It’s Rainbow Snippets time. Sorry I skipped last week. I was out of town, but better late than never.

Today’s snippet is from my novel Murder Most Yowl which is now available.

In this scene Cam has trouble getting up in the morning.

I cracked open my eyes, and a pulsing red light shot right into my pupils. I slammed my lids shut, embracing the dark. As long as I couldn’t see the phone I didn’t have to deal with the messages, right?

It’s a cat way of hiding. My beloved Maine coon, Rylie, would stick her head behind a tissue box, the rest of her body in plain view. She thought I couldn’t see her because she couldn’t see me. It worked for her.

For me, not so much.

Even with my eyes closed I knew the phone was there, just inches from my hand, its red light bouncing off my eyelids in colorful patterns.


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