“Murder Most Yowl” Snippet #4

Hey everybody.

It’s Rainbow Snippets time.

This week I’m sharing another Snippet from my upcoming novel Murder Most Yowl. In today’s scene, Cam meets a very cranky, yet sexy sheriff. Take a look:

“What do you mean the cat is gone?”

The Sheriff of Sunrise Cove loomed over me, eyes blazing, hoping to make me squirm in my kitchen chair. Handcuffs jiggled in front of my nose, the light bouncing off the shiny metal at a dozen odd angles.

Sheriff Jake O’Neil apparently thought he was a tough guy, but he was out of his league. I was tall and skinny, and people often underestimated me. The sheriff expected me to wilt under the strength of that steely gaze, but when it came to playing good cop, bad cop, I was an expert.



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