“Murder Most Yowl” Snippet # 3

Hey everybody.

It’s Rainbow Snippets time.

Last week I caused quite a stir with white furniture on a cream carpet.

Don’t worry, this week’s snippet takes place in a different room.



“Mr. Muffin Tops!”

His legs twitched as he tossed from side to side, like he was groggy and trying to clear his thoughts. Blood pooled on top of his head, coating the orange fur between his ears with red. 

“Oh, God.” 

I had to get him to a vet. Forgetting about being careful, I crossed in front of the desk, then stopped cold.

Ms. Welch lay on the floor, between the workspace and the cat. Her skirt hiked up, revealing far too much of her leg, her blood seeping into the beige carpet.

Blood from a very big hole in her chest.


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