Introducing Myself

Hi everyone.

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Quinn Dressler and I love m/m romance, mysteries, airplanes, adventure, cats, dogs and all things books.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been thinking up stories. Too shy to engage in exciting adventures myself, I conjured up new escapades for my favorite television characters while walking home from school. At first I only kept my tales to herself, then I started to share them through fan fiction, then with short stories and now books.

A romantic at heart, I love tales where guys overcome whatever obstacles fate throws their way in order to find true love. Be it a homophobic co-worker in my short story Love on the Tarmac, to solving a murder while surrounded by cats in my upcoming novella Murder Most Yowl. One thing you are guaranteed to have by the final page of any story I write is a happy ending.

Angst has its place. Without a little hurt there would be no comfort, and there’s nothing better than two lovers comforting each other. But you won’t find major violence in the pages of my books. There’s far too much heartache in real life. Fiction, in my mind, is a place where characters find joy… eventually.

I find story ideas everywhere either during my day job working for a local news TV station, or traveling, or best of all, hanging around with my cats. They’re always there to give their support, usually by walking over my computer keyboard while I type. Yet I love them so very much.

Now I divide my time between playing with my kitties, working, trying to shed some extra pounds (not having much luck yet there) and trying to get stories out of my head and down on paper so everyone can enjoy them.

In upcoming blogs I want to talk about cats, airplanes, or anything else that comes to mind. For right now I just wanted to say hello.

Until we chat again.




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